Advance Order! Tribute: Cocker Power

Celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the legendary 1970 Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishman tour through the iconic archives of tour photographer, Linda Wolf. Plus additional documentary photos & stories from the 2015 tribute concert with Tedeschi Trucks Band and original tour alumni at the Lockn’ Festival.

Linda’s book is just incredible. It is a massive piece of artwork. The photos not only tell a story, but they’re gorgeous. The book is epic. She caught a very special part of music history at a time and in a way that will probably never ever happen again. Our band is probably the closest you can get to that feeling of Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I feel really lucky to have been together for the reunion, to have made friends with everybody from Rita to Leon to Chris to Chuck Blackwell, Matthew Moore, Bobby Jones, Pamela, and Claudia. I was blown away by how much love there was, and really there was no ego, which is rare nowadays. All this, Linda documented beautifully. I’m so glad that people will get a real feeling of what happened and how special it was. To have her record of all this is really a gift.
— Susan Tedeschi Trucks
Linda’s book and the beautiful photos capture this magical experience and time period magnificently. The intimate access she had allows us not just behind the scenes but inside the scenes.
— Warren Haynes

 “There are a lot of photographers who tell great stories with their images, but Linda Wolf sings great songs with hers. And not just any songs―hers are raw, intense, Piece ‘o My Heart songs that slip through the mind-body veil and go straight to your soul. In part that comes from her being an amazing photographer, but more than anything it comes from her ability to turn an almost daily diary of life with some of the most iconic musicians of our time into poetry that goes beyond the visible spectrum. Most of us will never know what life for a band on the road is really like, but this book may be as close as we’ll ever get to experiencing it ourselves. Everything is there: bad things, good things, crazy things, real things. Sometimes all at once. She chronicles the excitement and the emotions of being on the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour from every possible view point―on stage, in hotel rooms, buses, rooftops, homes―all with loving joy and fierce honesty, and does the same with the 2015 reunion/tribute concert with the Tedeschi Trucks Band and friends. Linda doesn’t hide behind her work by trying to make a story different from what it was. She lived the stories, and now she and her friends are telling them.” – Tim Greyhavens


Edited by Linda Wolf & Mimi DeBlasio
With an introduction by Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks
Designed by Vanderbyl Design
340 pages, hard cover, cloth bound, dust jacket, and off-set lithography
Black & White archival and digital photography, with stories and vignettes by members of the original alumni and Tedeschi Trucks Band & friends.

Tribute: Cocker Power is a true labor of love to all who played a part in these exceptional times in the history of music and culture, and to everyone, collectively, who played their part in making it all happen.

The Tribute concert was one of the greatest things as a concert goer that I have ever witnessed and I’ve been to almost a thousand. That night moved us like no other night of festival or show we have ever been to.
—Chris Harvey, Photographer
My boyfriend got tickets to the first JCMD&E show at the Eastown Theater, in Detroit. We went with a big group in two vans and I remember there was this electrified atmosphere generated by the excitement and anticipation of what we were about to see and hear. I remember seeing Leon before Joe, I didn’t know who he was at the time, but all the girls in our group looked at each other thinking who is that? He was one fine looking hippie musician. The concert was an out of this world, beyond words, experience. So many people on a such a small stage and this tremendous band — and Joe singing to us like nobody else could. Whenever this concert is brought up on the Detroit music sites, many people say exactly what I say. The Best Concert They Ever Saw! I have never seen it duplicated. I look back on this and feel truly blessed and lucky that I got to see this show. Thanks Linda for asking for my memory of this show and for your wonderful photos. —Cheri Beddow
Linda, I know the final product of your book is going to be fabulous. During my life-time, I have purchased many albums, but no album ever came close to capturing my imagination like Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I would sit and listen to it for days and admire the huge centerfold and wish somehow I was a part of it. Looking back, I felt like I was part of it and to an eleven-year-old, that’s good enough! I am so happy that Joe Cocker and the gang’s legacy will not be forgotten. I appreciate all you have done for this project and all of us— Tony Accordino