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Tribute: Cocker Power Book


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Tribute: Cocker Power is a book in two -parts. Part I are photos and stories from the legendary 1970 Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tour. Part II are photos and stories from the epic Tedeschi Trucks Band tribute concert to the late Joe Cocker and Mad Dogs & Englishmen, which took place at the 2015 Lockn’ Festival.

The book is filled with behind the scenes and on-stage photographs by photographer, Linda Wolf, who was a member of the Mad Dogs & Englishmen Tour and invited back with alumni to reprieve her role at Lockn’.

“When you look at this book you can see it is a labor of love. When you look at the photos both from the original 1970 Mad Dogs Tour and the 2015 reunion at Lockn’, and those she did later of our band on the road, you get the sense that everyone really trusts and opens up to Linda and that she is really in it. A lot of times I notice photos of us and I think they’re nice but I think but they don’t capture the sense of the people as I know them, but when I look at all the images in this book – the ones of Kofi or Sue or the people that I know intimately — I really feel them. Linda captures the real personal side of people and the vulnerable side a lot of times, as well. The photo she caught of Kofi and me with our eyes closed playing together in Portland, that’s the one I’ve been looking for since he passed. Those are the images that you say, ‘Yea, I knew that happened, I felt that.’ Those images hit home. Just like with the original photos from Mad Dogs you can tell that she is taking pictures of people she really cares about and she is going for the authentic moments. Linda’s photos have real heart to them, a real warmth that I appreciate and am honestly moved by. I can’t wait to hold this book and dig into it when it’s out.”

— Derek Trucks

Both JCMD&E and the TTB Tribute concert have been called the best concerts of all time. A documentary film of the 2015 concert will be coming out in 2020, along with this book, to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

Designed by Vanderbyl Design/San Francisco
340 pages, hard cover, cloth bound, dust jacket, and Off-set lithography

This is a book you will keep out on your living room table for everyone to see. It will bring up conversations about links between 1970 and now, and provide a an opportunity to share with a new generation the ground breaking cultural transformations that were happening in 1970 expressed in the music of the times, and especially by this iconic JCMD&E tour — with it’s 45 people including 3 kids and a dog and a 5 person film crew.

“I wish I could have been on that tour in 1970. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and the Mad Dogs Tribute concert at Lockn’ is one of the best I’ve ever been to.” Pete Shapiro, Publisher, Relix Magazine

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