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Blues in Cuba with Taj Mahal & Linda Wolf

Cuba: with Taj Mahal & Linda Wolf

This Trip is being organized by CCJF - for more information and to register contact Carla or Alexis at Cross Cultural Journeys

*The dates on this website were originally listed as 7-17th November (Miami/Cuba - Cuba/Miami. The correct dates are 7-16th November. I apologize for any confusion this mistake has caused.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the music of blues legend, Taj Mahal. Join Taj and renown photographer, Linda Wolf, and the Cross Cultural Journey's Team in Havana. Taj will be playing with Cuban Musicians in 3 club settings as well as entertaining our travel group in an intimate setting throughout the week. Linda will be photographing the event and be on hand to assist you in capturing memorable and stunning images of this truly unforgettable journey. Full details and itinerary will be released March 1st, but Cross Cultural Journeys is accepting reservations at this time. Space is limited to 25 travelers. This will be a sell out event, we recommend you book early with a deposit to reserve your place!

Please contact Cross Cultural Journeys for details.

Call 1(800) 353-2276

Dates November 7 - November 16, 2016
Cities Explored Havana
Journey Leader: Cross Cultural Journeys
Journey VIPs: Taj Mahal and Linda Wolf

Watch Taj on the last ever A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor

From Linda: I first met Taj in March 1970, just before I took off on the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen tour, along with 34 other wild and crazy musicians, including Leon Russell, Chris Stainton, Claudia Lennear, and Rita Cooledge, plus an assortment of ladies, nannies, children, roadies, a dog and a 5 person film crew. A bunch of us who were going on the Tour were staying at Leon's house and one day we all piled in cars and headed over to the Plantation (a famous house in the San Fernando Valley where about 13 musicians lived, including Taj). When we got there everybody started to jam. Delaney and Bonnie were there, Jimmy Karsten, Bobby Whitlock, Jesse Ed Davis, etc. It was iconic!

I had not seen Taj since that day until last December, 2015, when he played his usual two week gig at Jazz Alley here in Seattle. Eric and I got tickets and I brought him a Joe Cocker MD&E Memory book I'd just published (see merch on this website) and he was blown away. We hung out backstage and reminisced about the old days and he mentioned how he thought Claudia Lennear was one of the greatest singers he knew back in the day and wondered where she was now. I mentioned having just been with her at Lockn' Fest for the reunion and tribute to Joe. He said he wanted to get in touch with her so I phoned her and she said she wanted to get in touch with him. I knew Pamela Polland had his number. She called him, got his permission to give it out to Claudia and me and on a whim I decided to call him myself. 

My friends at CCJ let me know I was free to invite a musician friend to come along to Cuba so I said, "Taj, how you would like a free trip to Cuba! I have these friends who are setting up a tour and they invited me to host it and invite a musician friend." Taj said, "Yes!" told me that synchronistically I'd reached him in a Cuban restaurant in Miami right that minute. I said, "GREAT! I'll put you in touch with the organizers" (who by the way were freakin' flipped out by this) and that's how it all happened to come to pass!!

Now, we're going to CUBA and daily more and more extraordinary experiences there are being planned, including Taj will be recording some tunes with some Cuban musicians while there -- so now we're really rockn' with new ideas of how to make this an even more off the charts/ once in a life-time trip.

Hope you'll join us. It's filling up quickly.